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100% linen sustainable shirt

How to make your wardrobe more sustainable

Three girls standing wearing sustainable clothing
Every day we are becoming more aware of our impact on the environment, and in turn becoming more conscious in the decisions we make. We all aim to make more sustainable choices.
The fashion industry is accountable for about 8-10% of global emissions. It is harmful to our environment, due to numerous factors such as fabrics, shipping and waste.


Different fabrics have different impacts on the environment whether that is producing the fabric or disposing of it.

The most harmful materials to the environment in the fashion industry are listed below.

  • During its production, it creates harmful greenhouse gasses.
  • It’s non biodegradable, meaning it will be in landfill for 20-200 years.
  • When being produced, harmful chemicals are needed. This releases harmful chemicals into the air.
  • Due to the material being plant based and demand of the fabric from fast fashion, it is leading to many trees being cut down and deforestation.
  • Conventional cotton requires a lot of pesticide use in the farming of it. This leads to an effect on water supply, land and the farmers health.
  • During the production there is a lot of excess water polluted with chemicals. Due to the high expense that comes with the disposal of this, a lot of companies dispose in riverways etc. Leading to water contamination and pollution of the water.
  • It’s non biodegradable, meaning it will be in landfill for 20-200 years.
  • Production involves highly toxic chemicals, with one of the key ingredients acrylonitrile, being able to enter the factory workers body by skin contact or inhalation.
  • It’s non biodegradable, meaning it will be in landfill for 20-200 years.
  • Water left from production contains chemicals which are harmful to people, plants and animals.
  • Releases micro plastics when washed causing an impact on marine life.
These are the materials to avoid, when purchasing clothes.
Below is just a small list of the different sustainable materials available, but are some of the most popular. Sustainable fashion brands may be slightly more expensive than your average fast fashion brand, but this is due to the measures made to ensure low impact on the environment when producing the materials that are selected.

Sustainable Materials

100% Linen
100% Organic Cotton
100% Silk
Recycled Cotton
Merino Wool
Recycled polyester
Organic Chambray
Organic Cotton Sateen
Sustainable shirt
To make your impact you can carefully read what materials have been used to create your clothes before purchasing them. Keep an eye out for sustainable fabrics like the ones above, or do your own research and find out more about the sustainable fabrics out there.
At Natural Fashion, we take care of this part for you as we select all our materials carefully ensuring you are making a sustainable choice.


The journey of an item of clothing goes as follows.
Farming of the raw material ➡️ Production of fabric ➡️ Clothing manufacturer ➡️ Brand warehouse ➡️ The customer
Each time it goes to the next stage there is travel involved. The type of travel depends on the location and results in different environmental impacts. Regardless of how we get to the next stage it will have an impact on emissions, however the type of transport can affect the volume of emissions being emitted.
90% of the global goods trade is carried by ship. Shipping increases air, water, acoustic and oil pollution. Reducing how much is shipped has a positive impact on the environment.
Choosing to shop from a locally manufactured brand reduces the shipping impact in a minimum of 2 areas of the journey. This is because a car or van can be used instead of a ship. With the increases in electric and hybrid vehicles as well, this is the most sustainable option.
Farming of the raw material ➡️ Production of fabric ➡️ Clothing manufacturer 🚚 Brand warehouse 🚚 The customer
Natural Fashion is locally manufactured in the UAE and delivers to customers in the UAE. This means no shipping is required from the manufacturing process to when our UAE customers receive their clothes. If you are from the UAE, this is a sustainable choice.


With the fashion industry comes a lot of waste, which is far from sustainable. Whether that is from clearing out your wardrobe for next season's collection or if your favourite jacket loses a button. There are ways you can avoid wasting your clothes. 


Whether it's to a charity, to your friends or your sister who always takes your clothes. Giving your clothes to someone else is a way of recycling. Gives your clothes an extended life span, avoiding them from being in a landfill and makes others happy.

Take care of your clothes

Taking care of your clothes ensures they have a long lifespan, making them sustainable. Pay attention to your care labels and washing instructions to get the most out of your clothes.

Fix it, don't throw it

Sustainable trousers
Losing your button on your favorite jacket, ripping your belt holes on your trousers when you pull them up or even your zip going. It is the worst feeling especially when you love the item so much.

Fix it, don't throw it.

Throwing it may seem like an easy thing to do but it is not sustainable. Fixing the item may seem time consuming but find yourself a good tailor and they will sort this problem for you. It is a cheaper solution than purchasing a new item and positively impacts the impact as you will be reducing waste. It's a good sustainable choice.

Buy timeless pieces

Purchase pieces that don't go out of style and you can wear for many seasons/years. This will stop you from clearing out your wardrobe so much and also save you money. It is a sustainable way to build your wardrobe.
Aim for items you can wear across all seasons. Maybe a top that looks good with shorts, trousers, skirts, jumpers. These timeless items are key to reducing waste.
These are some timeless pieces I would recommend for your wardrobe and ideas of what they can be paired with.

Sustainable timeless pieces

Linen Sleeveless Crop Top

Shop Here

Sustainable top

Can be paired with trousers, shorts, skirts.

Sustainable shorts
Sustainable trousers
Sustainable skirt

Linen Straight Leg Trousers

Shop Here

Sustainable trousers

Can be paired with shirts, tops, blazers.

Sustainable shirt
Sustainable top
Sustainable jacket

Make your impact today. Be conscious when making your next purchase.

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