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Colour's of Spring

Colour's of Spring

Spring is such a beautiful time of year, and the time of year where people start to phase out their winter wardrobe. When buying clothing for Spring you need to think about breathable fabrics and styles you can wear through summer. Even styles you can wear through winter layered up. As usual, we recommend finding timeless pieces that will last you many years and seasons.

The key thing to watch out for is the colors you choose. Spring is such a bright and colorful time of year, and it can be easy to buy into all the beautiful colors that come into the shops. The key is to buy colours that can be worn all year round or that are timeless enough, so when Spring comes back again you can wear the same colors.

These are the 3 colors we would recommend going for this Spring that are timeless or trans-seasonal.


This is the first color that comes to mind when you think of Spring right? It is such a beautiful color and is definitely timeless. When choosing outfits in yellow, we would recommend opting for the more pastel yellows or even mustards if you would like something you could wear all year round. If you are looking for a timeless outfit that you plan on wearing in only Spring/Summer then you could really make a statement in a bright yellow piece.

When going for a bright color, it is good to wear it as a statement piece, for example in a dress, skirt or jumpsuit. This way the color really stands out. If it is a pastel it can look good as a top or jacket, just to introduce that splash of color. This way you can wear it throughout the year as well, without it being too much.

Main image of Linen evening wrap dress


The second color that comes to mind in Spring is green. The grass, the flowers, the leaves, there is greenery everywhere. When going for green in Spring, we would recommend going for a light or sage green. These are timeless, classy colors you could wear every year. You could easily wear them as a statement piece or a little pop of color. Green can really tie an outfit together, make it look complete and Spring ready.

If you are looking for something more trans-seasonal, then a darker green or emerald green would be better. A statement piece in a green color this strong may be too much for Spring, so it's best advised to opt for an item such as trousers, top or jacket in this color. Pieces like this can be easily worn all year round and it is not too bold in Spring. It could be that perfect addition to your outfit. These greens can be well matched with neutrals or mustard yellows.

Main image of One shoulder long dress


You can’t go wrong with neutral colour's and white is an all year round favourite, and forever timeless colour. Spring gives you an opportunity to bring out the cute white summer dresses or the white linen trousers. It is a colour you can match with anything and can look so effortless. It is a perfect color for Spring as it is a great reflector of the heat and keeps you cool. It is also completely timeless and can be worn all year round. You can add different accessories and different color's to the outfit to completely change your looks.

These are our top 3 colors for Spring, but there are many more to explore, and many more you may prefer. Just remember to look for colors you know you’ll either wear all year round or will last you for years. Shop sustainably.

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