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Festive Party Ideas

Festive Party Ideas

It is the time of year where we all have festive events coming up and the big stress of not knowing what to wear. 
The first thing you should look to do is see what you can re-wear from your wardrobe. This is the most sustainable and cost effective option. It can also be quite fun to do up your old pieces. Can you dress up and upcycle any of your old pieces and make them look brand new? 
Our second piece of advice is to look for a transeasonal piece if you are wanting to buy something new. Look for items that are in colors you can wear all year round. If it's a dress, can you wear it with a jacket and tights in the winter, and on its own in the summer? Making sure you invest in a timeless piece ensures you’re making a sustainable choice, minimising waste and is cost effective for you in the long run.
Here are some of our recommendations and inspiration of what you can wear for your festive events this December.

The Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit can be a really versatile item of clothing. If chosen in a light color it can be worn all year round. With trouser legs it is perfect for winter, and if you pick a short sleeved one you can pair it with a jacket or blazer in the colder months.
If you pick one with more of a relaxed straight leg fit, it can be paired with both sandals, heels and trainers to give you a variety of looks. It is our top favorite this festive season due to being so versatile. A jumpsuit can give you many casual to evening looks.
We advise to look for colours such as nude, gold, white, pink and burnt orange, for your festive parties, as these colours are easy to dress up and down, giving you many wears.

The Dress

A dress is a statement piece when it comes to festive parties and events. Finding the right fit, length and neckline is where the problem comes. As previously mentioned, it is advisable to always pick dresses that are timeless and can be reworn for other occasions.
When choosing the length, instead of thinking about current trends, think about what you feel most comfortable in. What do you mainly wear? By avoiding following the trends and going with what you feel comfortable in, you will avoid wasting it and leave it hanging in your wardrobe.
Choosing the right neckline is very similar. Many necklines come along with trends. I know personally that there are certain necklines that make me feel uncomfortable, therefore I avoid buying anything that has them. Try and opt for timeless necklines that make everyone feel good like high neck, sweetheart or square neck.
When choosing your colours aim for timeless colours with a festive feel like nude, gold, plum, red, white, navy and green.

The Basic Dress

By choosing a basic dress in a standard material like 100% cotton, gives you so much versatility. Although at face value it may not look like much it can give you a perfect festive outfit and much more.
For your festive party you could wear the dress on its own with heels and a sparkly bag and even pair it with a blazer. For afterwards you could wear the dress with a denim jacket and trainers. This gives you so many wears out of one dress, making it the most sustainable option for a festive party.
We advise going for colors such as navy, nude or white to keep it basic and neutral. These colours can easily be matched with anything.
Here are two examples below on how you can dress a basic dress up for a festive party and dress it down.
Dressed Down
Dressed Up
That is just 3 ideas from us on how you could consciously make a choice for your festive party outfit. Have the best December and enjoy any festive events or parties you may have!
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