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Our favourite colours this winter

Our favourite colours this winter

Winter is one of the best times to introduce warm colors that make a statement into your wardrobe. In winter, people typically wear dark colors such as blacks and grays, so we are here to tell you what colors you can introduce to your wardrobe this winter. It is time to make a statement.
Here are our top 3 favourite colours for this winter.   


Red is a bold and vibrant colour that really makes you stand out from the crowd. Making a statement with an item of red clothing can make you very memorable, as the bright colour draws attention. It is a strong colour that can make people feel confident in themself and powerful. 
It can be paired with many colours but is best paired with white, black or blue. It is best to avoid matching your red clothing with colours like pink or orange.
It is in our top 3 for this winter as if you pick the darker shades like burnt orange or burgundy it has a really warm, cozy feeling. It is a good colour to wear in a jumper, coat or even trousers.
If you pick the brighter shades of red it is seen as a more festive, celebratory colour. Good for festive parties or events.


Nude is the perfect colour to add simplicity and class to your outfit. It is a colour that suits everyone and that is effortless to wear. With the colour nude you don’t have the worry of thinking will it match, because it most likely will. It is a super versatile colour that can help you create an array of sophisticated outfits. When you purchase items in a nude colour, you will not regret it as it is timeless and will last you for many seasons to come.
It is in our top 3 as a nude item of clothing is key to complete most of your sophisticated, classy looks. The classic, timeless colour is what you need this winter to tie all your outfits together. It is best paired with white, black, gray and many more.


This is our number one favorite for this winter. Mustard is the new way of wearing neutral. It suits everyone and goes with most things, yet you make a bold statement. By wearing it in a jumper, skirt or even in one of your accessories, it can add that little something to your outfit. The bright colour can be worn across all seasons, making it versatile and a must have for your wardrobe.
It is our favorite for this winter as it is a colour you can wear in the evening when you go out, in your loungewear for around the house, going on a nice lunch or even to work. This all rounder colour is just the perfect way to make a subtle statement wherever you go.
It is best paired with blue, white, gray, nude, black and greens. It is best to avoid pairing mustard with oranges and reds and this may be too much.

We are also loving colours like blue and green this winter but this is what we have seated in our top 3. Be brave and make a statement with a bright colour like mustard or red this winter or stay sophisticated with the nudes.

"The colour of springtime is flowers; the colour of winter is in our imagination."- Terri Guillemets

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