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Top 5 wardrobe essentials

Top 5 wardrobe essentials

When building your wardrobe it is important to have a few staple pieces that can be incorporated in different outfits. This way you can minimise what you buy and minimise the amount of clothes you throw away.
Choosing neutral colors ensures your items of clothing will match most of your wardrobe, and can last across many seasons. You can also mix and match your staples to create different outfits that give different effects.
Having a few wardrobe staples allows there to be a base that will always be there, and you can add numerous different, colourful items to, in order to create your outfits.
Here is our list of the top 5 staple items for your wardrobe.

Neutral Blazer

The blazer is the perfect finish to an outfit. It adds sophistication, class, and keeps you warm. It can be put with your everyday work outfit, a nice dinner outfit or even paired with a casual dress. With a blazer you can create many outfits, and by picking a basic, neutral coloured one it will match with almost everything.

Neutral Trousers

Nude, cream, white. Neutral trousers are the perfect item for a day in the office or even to make your everyday look that little more sophisticated. It can be paired with a shirt or a blazer for a more formal look or even a t-shirt or crop top to make it more casual. Heels, sandals, trainers, they will all suit, giving you limitless outfit options. 
For a lightweight comfortable option, we recommend going for 100% linen trousers, also perfect for hotter climates. For something a little heavier we would recommend 100% organic or recycled cotton.

White T-Shirt

The basic white t-shirt. It is far from basic. A white t-shirt will pair with anything and can help you make a variety of chic outfits. Comfort is key when shopping for your t-shirt, so finding the softest and most breathable (and sustainable of course) fabrics is important. We recommend looking for t-shirts made from 100% organic cotton. 


A good pair of jeans is a must have in everyone's wardrobe. Opting for a style that is more timeless like straight leg is always the best option. This way they will last many seasons/years and match many of your outfit combinations. 
Investing in a good quality pair of jeans is definitely not something to regret as they are timeless and come with a long lifespan. We recommend looking for jeans made from 100% organic or recycled cotton for comfort and durability.

Comfy Trousers

Whether you are doing the school run, running an errand or even working from home, comfort is a big priority when doing these tasks.
We still want to look good whilst doing it right?
Finding a neutral pair of comfy trousers is your answer. They will match with all your comfy t-shirts, sweaters, tops, giving you ultimate comfort and style. 
Finding something light is the best option as you won’t get too hot doing your day to day activities. Opting for materials such as 100% linen or 100% organic cotton is recommended. It is also recommended to go for trousers with an elasticated waist for the ultimate comfort.
This is just what we have picked as our top 5. There are other essentials you can introduce to your wardrobe as well. Incorporating a few wardrobe staples like we have mentioned above is your route to a more sustainable wardrobe.
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