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The Wardrobe Clearout

The Wardrobe Clearout

“New year, new me” Is the phrase a lot of people enter the new year saying. For most people, this will involve decluttering their houses and wardrobes, and wanting to start fresh. When clearing out your wardrobe though, there are many things you should consider before throwing the item away, and it becomes waste.
The world produces 92 million tons of textile waste every year. Items made from 100% cotton will decompose within a few months, and 100% linen can biodegrade in about two weeks. Some unsustainable materials can take 200+ years to biodegrade when in landfill. This causes a lot of harm to our environment. 
There are many steps we can take to minimise the impact. Here are 4 things we would recommend doing, instead of throwing your clothes away.


Donating your clothes is a good option if you have items that are not damaged and could be potentially worn by others. Maybe you don’t like the style anymore or maybe it no longer fits, although this makes it not suitable for you anymore, it could be someone else’s favourite piece.
There is always the option of passing your clothes to other family members or friends. They would be really appreciative of this and it doesn't cost anybody anything. 
Another option is you can donate to a charity. By doing this you are helping people who are less fortunate and putting clothes on their back. It is a good way to start the year feeling good, that you are helping others. It will also put a smile on their face.

Swap Events

Another way you can get rid of your clothes is to attend a swap event. For these you can only take clothes that are still wearable and are not damaged. You then meet with other people at the event, and exchange one of your items for one of theirs.
This way no one is purchasing new clothes, but everyone is building themselves a new sustainable wardrobe.
As previously mentioned, just because you may not like it anymore doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t. It may be exactly what they are looking for.


Another way is to upcycle your clothes and give them a new lease of life. If your jacket is missing a button, or a zip is damaged then rather than buy a new item, get it fixed instead. It extends the life of your clothes and avoids wasting them.
You can also upcycle your clothes by doing DIY projects yourself. Turning one item into something else. 
For example you could have an old pair of jeans that you’ve had for years. They are getting slightly worn, and there are stains on them at the bottom you just can’t get out. Instead of throwing them away, you could cut them up and turn them into a pair of shorts for the summer.
Upcycling can be a great way to get creative and give your old items new life.


The last way you could not waste your clothes is to recycle them. Your items could be damaged and buttons could be missing and this is okay. 
You could get creative and use the material to make a quilt, rags, tablecloth etc. This way we are utilising the material in a different way and not wasting it.
Another way is that you can take your clothes to a clothing and textile bank. Here you give your old clothes to them and they will reuse the materials to remake other things. Sometimes they will even make more clothes from them.
These are 4 ways you can not waste your clothes when clearing out after the festive period. Think before you throw them away and make sustainable choices.

“Sustainable fashion is not a trend, it’s a responsibility.” – Livia Firth

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