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Layer up

Layer up

Want to create new styles? Want to utilize some of your summer pieces this winter? The best way to do this is by layering your clothes. This way you are utilizing what you already have, and turning a summer outfit to a winter one. This is a good way to be sustainable and also save you money.
Layering also adds style to your outfits, and gives your outfit a little bit of extra something. 
Here are some ideas on how you can utilise some basic staples in your wardrobe.

A dress

If you have a bodycon dress with spaghetti straps, this would be nicely layered with a shirt underneath. You can pair it with a pair of tights and boots. If it is really cold where you are, you can add an oversized aviator jacket over the top and a scarf.
A basic dress like this can also be layered with a long sleeved top or t-shirt. This can give it more of a casual look.
By layering a basic dress you create a super cute, chic look. Perfect for a meal out or a walk around the mall.
Below you can see some items that can be put together to make a summer or winter outfit.
Another way you can layer a basic dress is by putting a jumper over the top of it. This gives an illusion of a jumper and skirt look. You could add extra layers by adding a shirt under the jumper and add a pair of tights. Can match with a pair of boots again, or a pair of trainers for a more casual look.
This can give you a very chic every day look, if you are out doing some shopping or meeting with friends.


A shirt is the perfect item to layer with in winter. It can go under almost anything to add a bit of formality to your look. You can pair it with a dress like mentioned above or under a jumper. V neck jumpers are a good option to layer with shirts, and you can wear the v neck on its own as it starts to get warmer.
This is a good way also to make a casual outfit more formal for meetings, office wear or interviews.

Shorts and Skirts

Shorts may seem to be a summer item to many, but what a waste when it comes to winter and you can no longer wear them? That is not the case. You can pair them with some tights underneath to give a wintery look. You can do the exact same with your skirts, and get use out of them in the winter also.
Shorts and skirts are versatile items that look god with anything. You can pair them with a t-shirt or crop top in the summer, but look just as good with a jumper in the winter.
We hope this has inspired you to look what's in your wardrobe and create some stylish winter outfits by layering up.
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