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Valentine's day inspiration

Valentine's day inspiration

Valentines day is round the corner.
Whether you are celebrating valentine's day with your partner, your friends or your family, we all want to look and feel our best. We want to love ourselves, and feel confident in what we are wearing. 
Valentine's day is the best day to celebrate the love you have for yourself, and to make yourself feel the best you have ever felt. 
We would recommend going for colors like nude, white, red, pink or even black. We are loving the plum colour this year!
If you find something that is plain, then you can also wear it for other events, and get more than one use out of it. For this reason we would steer away from valentines day prints such as hearts, as you are unlikely to wear it over and over.
Here are some outfits we would recommend this Valentine's Day to give you the ultimate confidence boost.

Going out

Maybe you're going out for the night with your friends or celebrating with your other half with a few drinks. Either way you want to look your best. Going for a simple mini/midi dress or jumpsuit is the best way to do this.
You will look classy but ready to party at the same time. You could dress it with a pair of heels, or some red lipstick, for that ultimate valentine's feel.
Here are some recommendations:

Nice meal

When you go for a nice meal, especially for valentines day, you want to feel elegant. For this reason we would advise going for some dressy trousers, a maxi skirt, or a maxi dress. You can pair the skirt or trousers with a shirt or a dressy top.
These items give such a classy and elegant feel. For the trousers go for a material like satin or silk, so they have that really luxurious look and feel. For the skirt and the dress, go for something with minimal detail on it. This way you can wear it more than once and you will still love the style.
Here are some recommendations:

Day out

Are you going on a day trip this valentines day? Maybe someone is taking you shopping or you are going for lunch with friends. For this, casual comfort is key.
Although comfort is the main thing here, we still don’t want to lose the valentine's feel. So wearing a red top or jacket with a pair of jeans could pull the look together.
If you don't feel up to wearing such a bold color, you could wear a white top and maybe accessorise with red instead. This keeps it more casual. You could have a red bag, red sunglasses, red belt or even a red hair accessory. This way you've got a cute simple, comfy outfit with a  splash of valentines day red.
Here are some recommendations:


Maybe you will be at home this valentines day. If this is the case you need to be at your comfiest. Wear some soft wide legged trousers with an oversized t-shirt or even your favorite pyjamas. You can go valentines themed and wear these in red or pink or you can go with a cream, white or nude. 
Make yourself feel good and do some self care. Put on a facemask, do your nails, read a book, put on your favorite rom com and cook your favorite meal! (or get a takeaway). For all of this you need to be cozy and comfy.
Here are some recommendations:
That is just a few of our suggestions based on different things you may do this Valentine's Day. Ultimately, do what makes you feel good and confident, wear whatever makes you feel at your best, and try your hardest to wear something already in your wardrobe or that is up-cycled. If not, make sure you purchase an item that you know you will get multiple wears out of, and that has been made sustainably.

Happy Valentines Day

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