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Fashion that won't go out of style

Fashion that won't go out of style

Selecting timeless pieces that won't go out of style, is an imperative step to building a sustainable wardrobe. These pieces help build a wardrobe with longevity and class, whilst saving you money and helping the environment at the same time. 
The key to purchasing these items is to buy them in good quality, sustainable materials to ensure they last you many years. As well as this, you need to bare in mind the colour you purchase it in. The more neutral the tones, the more timeless the piece. You will see cream, browns, nudes, whites and even black worn throughout the trends and seasons as these are timeless. If you purchase one in a bold colour or pattern, you may feel more limited to the amount of times you can wear it. 
So the question is what pieces won’t go out of style, and are worth investing your money into. 
Here are our top 3 fashion pieces we would recommend for you to get, as they won’t go out of style.       


A longline blazer is the number one piece in your wardrobe that won’t go out of style. This can be worn with dresses, trousers, shorts and skirts. It gives you endless outfit combinations. It can even be worn in different places such as work, events or even to go shopping. What you pair it with can really change the look you are trying to give.
If you are wanting something more casual, pairing it with a pair of shorts, top and trainers would give you that look. However you could pair the same blazer with some trousers, shirt and heels and you have office attire. 
A blazer is a staple that has always been there throughout the years, and continues to dominate the fashion world. It will never go out of style and is definitely worth investing in. Going for a plain, neutral colour gives you endless possibilities to pair with other solid colours and even patterns.
To ensure longevity ensure you get a good quality sustainable material such as 100% linen, organic cotton or recycled materials such as recycled cotton.


The second staple that won’t go out of style is denim jeans. When getting a pair of jeans however, you are faced with many styles. A style that is most timeless is a simple pair, with not detailing or rips, with a straight leg. Opting for high waisted is best when going for timeless options, as low to mid rise come in and out of fashion. 
The staple jeans are really timeless, as their simpleness can really be paired with anything. Whether it is a t-shirt, blouse, shirt, blazer or even heels, trainers or sandals, it can give you so many outfit opportunities. The light blue colour ensures it will match with any pattern or style that you choose to pair with it. 
Jeans that are well looked after can last you 2-5 years, so investing in a good pair is definitely worthwhile. Just bare in mind that every time you wash them, it can damage the material and the lifespan, so only wash them when absolutely necessary.
Jeans are one of the items in your wardrobe that don't need washing on every wear. You could wear them 3-10 times before washing them. This is based on what you do in the jeans. If it is manual work then it will ore likely be around 3 wears, however if you are sat at a chair or in an office, then more 10 wears.
We recommend getting your jeans in 100% organic or recycled cotton, to ensure longevity and sustainable choices.

White T-Shirt

The last timeless staple we would recommend is the white t-shirt. It can give you such a clean, casual look. It can be used to make an outfit more casual looking, for example when paired with suit trousers or even a long skirt. It can be even used for comfort, with a pair of leggings or jeans.
The white t-shirt will match any pattern or solid color that you wish to pair it with, giving you many outfit options. You can also style it in many ways and tailor it to recent trends. Whether that is wearing it tucked in, tied up and cropped or even just baggy and loose. As the trends move on you can adapt the basic t-shirt to do just that. This makes it a timeless staple.
When investing in a good quality t-shirt, with the aim of it lasting a long time, try to get them in materials such as organic cotton.
These are our top 3 wardrobe staples that won’t go out of style. It is always best to carry these staples as they will give you longevity and lots of options for outfits. 
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